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Chuyên cho thuê máy photocoppy Màu Ricoh

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Chuyên cho thuê máy photocoppy Màu Ricoh chính hãng new 90-95% giá rẻ tại Hà Nội

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    QuangLoiService and Trading Company - sincerely thank our customers and would like to send to customers a lease quotation of the color copier as follows:

    No. Model Function Quantity Monthly subscription price
    Features and Specifications

    Photocopy Ricoh Afico MPC 4500

    Copy + Network print + Network canning + DADF   ` Speed: 45 A4 pages / a minute
    Continuous Copy: 999 papers
    Resolution: Copy: 2400 x 600dpi
    Zoom in - Zoom out: 25% - 400%

    - touch screen color control
    - Boot time: 25s.
    - Memory: 1024 MB +  2HDD * 80Gb.
    -  copy paper size: A5 – A3
    - Connection Type: Network Base-TX/10 Base-T • USB 2.0.
    - Electronic switch: Available
    Paper Tray: 500 papers x 2 trays. Manual Tray: 100 papers
    Electronic copy sharing fuction: available
    Loading and automatically original reserving fuction: available
    Automatically copy reserving function: available
    2-year Contract Free:
    - 2,000 black – and- white A4 pages
    - 200 color A4 pages
    1 call
    Extra snapshot price:
    •  Black – and - white: 300 VND / a A4 page
    • Colour: 2000 VND / a A4 page
    • A3’s price costs twice as much as A4’s one
    Full Option Image
    - Price does not include VAT 10%
    - 95% of new products: genuine RICOH.
    - Prices include the cost of replacement consumables (except paper) and spare parts during the rental.
    - The guarantee deposit: 15,000,000 (VND)
    - Party A and Party B will confirm the copy (print) monthly volume to determine the payable amount.       

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